Water touches practically every room in your home. Its quality affects how your water tastes and smells, the food you cook, how your skin and hair feel and even how your appliances, fixtures and plumbing look and last. There are so many ways that better water can make a difference in your life. Click on any of the following links below to learn more about the issue.

Common Water Problems And Contaminants

Hard Water

Hard water contains dissolved calcium, magnesium and, in many cases, iron.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy Water contains murky or greyish water is usually caused by dissolved or suspended solids.

Chlorine Taste and Smell

Chlorine Taste and Smell chlorine has been used as a disinfectant to kill harmful bacteria in water itself or the pipes that transport it.

Bad Taste and Odours

Bad Taste and Odours – “rotten egg”, earthy flavour and metallic tastes.

Water Stains

Water Stains can be caused by water hardness, iron, dissolved minerals or natural acid in your water, or a combination of these.

Water Source Issues And Water Testing

Well Water Treatment

if your home’s water is supplied by a private well, you, and only you, are responsible for the water’s quality.

Importance of Water Testing

Importance of Water Testing – why do we offer free water tests? Because the more you know, the better off you’ll be.

City Water Treatment

City Water Treatment although treated, city water still can have some water quality issues.