Residential Water Treatment Istallations, Commercial Water Treatment Installations

AJ's Water Treatment:
Residential and Commercial Installs

Residential Water Treatment Installations

AJ's Water Treatment has solutions for all of your residential water problems;
We can install water softeners for hard water solutions, iron filters for water staining and specialty filters for arsenic, uranium and nitrate poullution. AJ's Water Treatment can aslo solve bad water colour, unpleasant water smell, water tannin and low yeild water wells. We are experts at installing uv water systems, drinking water systems, chlorine removal systems and all different types of filters.

Commercial Water Treatment Installations

AJ's Water Treatment can design and build a water treatment plant to suit your specific needs. Many manufacturing processes require a certain water quality. Whatever parameters you require, we can build and install a system that will work for you. We can solve and improve: TDS Levels, Conductivity Adjustments, Alkalinity, pH, Hardness, Staining Issues, Water Colour Problems, Water Odor, Water Tannins, Low Yeild Water Wells. Our commercial installations include: Specialty Filters, Drinking Water Systems, UV Systems and Chlorine Removal Systems.