AJ's Water Treatment - Water Treatment Installation Experience

AJ's Water Treatment:
Water Treatment Experience That Counts!

AJ's Water Treatment has over 15 years experience maintaining and installing quality water treatment systems. Owned and operated by a former well driller, AJ's Water Treatment has the background and knowledge to guide you in the right direction, answer any questions and make suggestions that are best for your unique water treatment situation.

AJ's Water Treatment's experience includes designing and building the Water Treatment system that is right for you or for your organization. After the installation and the callibration of the water system, AJ's Water Treatment will maintain, monitor, sample, report and communicate with the Ministry of Environment for the following projects: Municipally owned - multi unit aprtment buildings, campgrounds, churches, children's daycare, group homes, municipal non-residential facilities, private residential, highway service centres, bed and breakfasts, hotels, resorts, cottages, marinas and golf courses.